Proud to be Goat Hair

“Mohairs are positive and confident. You always strive to make a good first impression because you are a proud person, and you care a good deal about what people think of you. You are careful with your words and are always tactful. You enjoy having a broad base of support and respect from those whom you come in contact. You attract this with your warm, sunny, and inquisitive personality.”
(Source: PotterCraft”s Fiber Quiz)

You can find your yarn alter-ego here…If you do, leave a comment to let me know what fiber type you are!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with lots of time for relaxing with your knitting and a soothing cup of tea…Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Proud to be Goat Hair

  1. I’m Mohair, too!! How cool.
    Your drop spindle tutorial is great—I’m sending a link to a friend who I have turned onto spinning and is just learning. Thanks!

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