Holiday Reflections… (Or: "This Cold Weather is Makin’ Me Crazy!")

My sister, Sarah, and nephew, Ethan, rushing up to greet me when I arrived for a visit last August

One of my favorite things to do is to sit and knit while I listen to other people talking, to the TV or a DVD, to podcasts on my iPod, or simply to the sounds of nature/traffic/music/my humming refrigerator. Somehow, I listen better when I knit. I’m more focused, and I tend to experience what I’m hearing more deeply and remember it longer.

I think this thought came to mind today when I thought about the upcoming holidays and time spent with family. I can imagine people gathered in their homes, wonderful cooking scenting the air, kids creating the kind of chaos only kids can create. And with those thoughts, my hands instinctively long for something wooly to work on. A soft sock, a cozy scarf, a warm hat–something easy and not too distracting. That way I could knit AND be part of the conversation.

Sarah and my brother-in-law, Todd

This year, Chris and I will be spending Christmas on our own, as we often do. Usually we head out to a nice restaurant for dinner on Christmas Eve, but this year we’re getting ready for our January 6th move (to a cottage outside the city). Which means we’ll need to cobble together a less expensive, at-home celebration. No problem there…we both like to eat, and we’re both decent cooks. Cornish pasties, anyone?

Our holiday time together is often similar to other days—when Chris can turn off his phone and settle in for a well-deserved rest; when we can stay up late and watch Doctor Who reruns on PBS; when I can relax and knit with Maggie on my lap. It’s peaceful and cozy time, and we look forward to it eagerly.

The “Holiday Season” also marks my favorite day of the year: Winter Solstice. As someone who detests the darkening days of autumn and yearns for year-round warm weather and long, sunny days, the shortest day of the year is a time for:
A) Relief that the darkest days are behind us; and
B) Joy in knowing that springtime is coming once again.

Sarah and Todd’s tranquil pond (view from her patio)

You may think this makes no sense coming from someone who continuously knits warm snugglies…And perhaps you’re right. But no one ever told me I had to make sense (thank goodness!). So I continue to delight in the beauty I find in this time of year, and to enjoy the variety of ways we find to mark this most introspective time of year.

Stay warm, drive safely on those icy roads, and, as always, happy knitting!

PS. Have you ever seen anything more lovely than Sock Pixie’s new Raspberry Cheesecake colorway? I could just EAT it!!!