Frog, Monkey, Sock

This is the yarn I decided to use for the chevron scarf in June:I’d planned to make this my “vacation knit” when we went to Indy. But after about six inches, the blatant stripeyness started to make me crazy. So I decided to go for a more muted color palette and frogged it…Thank goodness I always pack several projects when I go on vacation!

Now, allow me to introduce you to the socks I’m making for my stepfather (whose Christmas present was never mailed to him by the artist we ordered it from, remember?). After trying a few different patterns and yarns, I ended up back with the Koigu charcoal/brown colorway:
The pattern is a basic slip-stitch ribbing, with 1×1 rib at the top and an eye-of-partridge heel. I incorporated Charlene Schurch’s garter stitch edging along the heel, just for fun.

Also, instead of using the usual “K1” next to the gusset decreases, I decided to work a P1…it helps set off the trim little decreases and enhances the ribbing on the instep. These are some WARM socks! I stuck my hand inside to better see the pattern last night and was surprised at the insulating quality of this stitch…
Finally, I’ve found the right pattern for the right wool–You just can’t go wrong with Koigu. Sock #1 is almost done, so I’ll soon have an “on-the-foot” photo for you.

By the way, last weekend we went to an estate sale on Q Street near Dupont Circle…I’d been in the house before, when it was on the market (pale green marble wall in the hallway, gigantic old fireplace in the kitchen…lovely), and enjoyed this opportunity to show it to Chris. We picked up a handful of CDs, a pile of silk scarves, a long black wool coat with a black fur-trimmed hood/collar (for me–$12.00!), and a couple of little pictures…
“Monkey-on-a-feather,” from Costa Rica. Strangely intriguing…

PS. I have a question: Would anyone be interested in the patterns I’ve been “unventing”? Over the past several months I’ve racked up a few patterns for items I’ve designed on-the-needles: Fingerless gloves, camera sock, iPod case, various socks, neck warmer, etc. Just let me know if you’d like me to write up the patterns. I’ll be happy to share :-)


One thought on “Frog, Monkey, Sock

  1. All patterns are gratefully received. Where do I start with your post! Those brown socks are absolutely gorgeous – you have definitely found the right pattern/yarn combo there.

    I love that monkey picture. I will buy strangely intriguing things too. I have a picture of two dancing Indonesian women on my wall that I bought at a market. I love it!

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