A Perfect Day

Need I say more?

Well, perhaps I do, considering my absence lately. You see, I sprained my knee…

I went to the ER with excrutiating pain and numbness(!) after a bad fall. X-rays and a sonogram ruled out broken bones and deep vein thrombosis (DVT, a dangerous blood clot condition that can happen to anyone after any leg injury–be aware!). Final diagnosis: sprain. I opted for the cane over crutches, which I absolutely detest (ever since I had arthroscopic surgery on the same knee two years ago). So lots of rest for me and my leg.

Oddly, with more time to slow down, elevate knee, and rest, I haven’t felt much like knitting! But when the mood strikes, I work on my Waving Lace sock. Almost done with this one:

I’ll have to take a break between sock #1 and sock #2 to make a pair of socks for my step-dad’s Christmas present…Yes, that’s right. I still owe him a Christmas present for 2006! It’s a long story–involving an online seller who failed to deliver a lovely gift we ordered in December. We finally got him to issue a refund.

Since it’s now May, I thought it would be nice to offer Walter the hand-made gift of his choice. He loved the socks I made for my mom’s birthday, so I told him I’d make a special pair for him. The saga continues: I’ll show you the patterns I’m considering in my next post.

Meanwhile, to all of you, find a place in the sun or shade, a cool drink, and enjoy the weekend. Happy Monther’s Day!


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. That is a beautiful sock! Having just finished a pair for a man, I hope yours has dainty small feet! Those suckers take ages!!

    The weather looks lovely where you are – I will post a photo of my view for a comparison!

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