She used blue…

A little eye candy for your Friday.

Intarsia Ball Band Dish Cloth
Various “kitchen cotton” yarn
Brittany US#7 straight needles
Made on a dreary Monday afternoon…

PS. For those of you who don’t “get” the title: Bask in your youth–then go look up Bobby Vinton. (Embarassing fact: When I was really little, I had a big crush on him! Yikes…how’s THAT for full disclosure??)


One thought on “She used blue…

  1. I like your dish cloth, especially the red intarsia rectangle. I was wondering what do you mean by “kitchen cotton” yarn. Maybe you could recommend a brand? I’m helping to teach my neighbor to knit. She wanted to learn by knitting dish cloths, like her mother-in-law. I was hoping to find some cotton yarn to help teach her. I did buy some Berroco Touche. It’s 50% cotton an 50% Rayon. Is this OK?

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