Euroflax Linen: Am I the only one…

…who finds knitting with Euroflax Linen unpleasant?

I bought some in a flush of excitement shortly after Mason-Dixon Knittingcame out. Loved those hand towels! I couldn’t wait for the yarn to come so I could cast on…gift plans swirling about in my head.

Well…I got this far:

Yes, it’s pretty. But Louet’s Euroflax Linen felt harsh and unyeilding in my hands, and I had trouble getting a gauge I was happy with (those are US#5 needles in the photo). The yarn softened up a bit as I ripped and re-knitted, ripped and re-knitted. However, I found the whole process frustrating and disappointing, and kept thinking: “Isn’t this supposed to be FUN?”

The funny thing is, I WANT to love it! I want to experience that washing and softening process, and the “drapeyness” Ann and Kay talk about. AND I WANT THOSE DAMN HAND TOWELS! But I am completely unwilling to spend that much time wrestling with yarn that feels horrid to my fingers.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I am a true wool lover. And alpaca? Like heaven. On the other hand, I don’t care for cotton too much, unless it’s mixed with something else, like silk (though I do like that cheap cotton yarn for dishcloths or “warshrags”). I’ve never tried bamboo, but I’m willing and curious. And silk, well…it’s SILK…so glossy and delicate, yet strong, and always lovely.

So all this makes me wonder…Am I the ONLY knitter who doesn’t love knitting with linen? Or is there anyone else out there who feels the same way I do?


4 thoughts on “Euroflax Linen: Am I the only one…

  1. Did you wash it first? It’s suggested to wash the skein before winding it to soften up the yarn a bit. Linen needs a pretty good beating to soften. The more you use and wash it, the better it will get.

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I didn’t realize I was supposed to wash the Euroflax BEFORE knitting. That sounds like the perfect solution. I’ll keep you posted…See you again, I hope!

  3. Me! I hate knitting with linen and bamboo. And I know everyone in blogland is all gaga over silk but just wait until those silk knits get to be about 6 mos old. the fervor will wear off. silk doesn’t age well. not unless it sits unworn in your closet.

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