Spinning My Wheels (But not the kind you think…)

Knitting? Spinning? Crocheting? Hah!

When I was on vacation (US Grand Prix in Indianapolis) I was a knitting fiend. I flew through most of a somewhat complicated sock (though I had to rip it out due to a post-vacation mistake) and finished two dishcloths, all in the course of five days. (That’s a lot considering all the running around we were doing.)

Then I came home and took a hand spinning class at Springwater Fiber Workshop… Wonderful! I felt consumed by fiber.

But one week later, I am back in the midst of my regular routine, running around, trying to get “work” done, spinning my wheels. And, to make matters worse, this poor blog is almost as neglected as QuotableCat! No photos…No new posts.

Well, this will have to end. I hope that someone reads this now and then…whoever you are, you can hold me to this: I am going to get myself on a regular blogging schedule AND clear more time for knitting and spinning. That’s the important stuff!


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